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To gain a better understanding of Author’s Empire Agency procedures, read through our responses to frequently asked questions about publishing and promotion.

About Author's Empire Agency:

Author’s Empire Agency offers publishing and marketing services to writers who want to sell their books through traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores and online markets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among others. Independent literary agents were another collaborator of ours.

3 E Evergreen, Suite 101, New York City, New York 10956

Early in 2015, Author’s Empire Agency began operating as a hybrid publishing house with the aim of assisting both aspiring and established authors in releasing their work. A team of publishing, marketing, and literary experts are on staff at the business to support authors at every stage.

Yes, we are a legitimate business with a location in 244 5th Ave, New York, NY 10001 and a registration with IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) is an association of independent book publishers dedicated to professionalism and excellence.

In contrast to most other publishing houses, Author’s Empire Agency gives authors complete ownership over their work, greater exposure for their book, a flexible payment schedule, and a better royalty rate. Together with these advantages, the organization also understands that authors must manage their personal lives with their creative endeavour’s. As a result, our devoted teams of publicists and editors are leading the charge in turning their work into a finished book.

Several publication packages are available from Author’s Empire Agency. We may provide prices starting at $1500, depending on the format you desire for your book.

Indeed, Spanish translation services are provided by Author’s Empire Agency in addition to a variety of other languages. to learn more about the different language services we provide email us at

Yes, Author’s Empire Agency accepts submissions from authors outside the US.

Hybrid Publishing

You can save time and effort by hybrid-publishing your book, particularly since working with traditional publishers hardly ever increases your chances of getting your book published. In hybrid publishing, you, the author, work with a small group of people who are there to support you while you retain full control over every aspect of the book’s production, from the cover to the marketing strategy.

The following processes are used in hybrid publishing: prepublication, publication process, postpublication, promotion/book marketing, and revenue bookkeeping.

Yes, it would be beneficial for an agent to assist you in reviewing the transactions that go with the offers in order to secure other publishing deals, like movie offers, or other opportunities.

Definitely not. You have the freedom to share your work on your own terms without needing a traditional publisher’s permission thanks to the hybrid publishing model. You don’t absolutely have to handle the entire publication process on your own, though. Each author will have a team of experts allocated to them who will help them with any aspect of the publishing process in which they may lack expertise, ultimately resulting in the completion of the book.

No. You only need your manuscript and the remaining materials to publish it through Author’s Empire Agency, but you can also work with other publishers if you require additional services to satisfy the needs of your book.

Hybrid Publishing

1. Get your work ready.
Send your manuscript in one digital file in one of the forms listed below: 

Rich Text Format (.rtf) or MS Word (.doc) (.rtf).

2. Make your image assets ready.
You can send your image images using the following methods:

Email: or use the Wetransfer app to contact Author’s Empire Agency. If you choose to print a black-and-white book, images will be produced in grayscale, while full-color printed books will create images in CMYK color mode.

3. Include the book’s digital file along with the author’s background and a synopsis.
Additionally, you can include this information on the order page. You can include the author’s biography for the book’s back cover and website in the digital file’s text summary or overview.

4. Ensure that all crucial data are backed up.
We admonish writers to back up or save EVERYTHING on a DVD or external disk.

5. Purchase form and publishing agreement must be finished and signed.
Fill out all required forms, providing ALL requested information (including publishing, editorial, add-on, and marketing service choices, payment method), and don’t neglect to sign the forms as well.

6. Materials should be sent to the designated fulfillment manager. Once all of the forms have been filled out completely, send the paperwork and arrange for a submission confirmation.

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