Registration Landing Page/ Publishing Specialist Contact

The author must sign the contract and publishing agreement with Author’s Empire Agency before the publishing process can begin (the publisher).

Fulfillment Officer Contact

The senior fulfilment officer or publishing specialist will get in touch with the author to start the publication process after the author signs the necessary documentation.

Submission of Publishing Materials

This phase requires submitting the text to the publishing expert together with its interior, cover, and any applicable photos. Text submissions must be made in digital forms like MS Word or Rich Text Format (RTF).

Book Design and Layout

The company’s fulfillment department will adhere to any design, layout, or style requests made by the author, as well as any potential alterations to the book.

Design Preview

The book’s galley in digital form will be forwarded to the author for evaluation. The layout and style of the galley are subject to change upon the author’s request. Our fulfillment staff will next apply these adjustments to the book’s digital version.

Design Approval

Before sending the manuscript to the printer for printing, the author must provide final approval to the book’s layout and design.

Proof of Print

Following the author’s approval, the completed document will be printed and mailed to the author in line with the publication package that was chosen.

Post-Production Revision

If there are any revisions, the author is granted one free round of revisions.

Book Cover and Interior Approval Form

Before the amended manuscript is sent to the printer, the author must sign the permission form for the book’s inside and cover. The author will get the final print proof when all required revisions have been made. For additional adjustments, a $250 post-production fee will be assessed to the author.

Global Distribution

The book will be sold through internet merchants and local and international bookshops.

Post-Fulfillment Service

In addition to constantly monitoring the book’s promotion and sales, Author’s Empire Agency will also provide the author royalties on a quarterly basis.

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