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Hybrid-Published author is now within reach with this complete publishing bundle.​

E-book Conversion & Distribution

Using old e-book converters is no longer necessary. Your finished manuscripts will be converted by Author’s Empire Agency,.pdf, and epub for international e-book distribution. We have also worked with 51 respectable, trusted online book resellers all around the globe, and can make your e-book available to 51 regions.

Multiple Printed Books​

Books printed by Author’s Empire Agency Multiple Printed will always be available to readers. In addition to the author copies, these packages contain up to ten paperback and three hardback book copies. To ensure that the bookstores have more than enough copies to sell, we also cater to bulk printed copies.

Print & Digital Formatting​

Put an end to subpar book formatting! You can ask our highly skilled layout artists for advice on how to improve the interior arrangement of your manuscript for print and digital submissions. Use our print and digital formatting process to keep your audience interested with a more polished book style.

Cover Design Options

One of the first things a reader notices is your book’s cover. Author’s Empire Agency offers a wide range of cover design alternatives, from template-based to fully personalized and illustrated designs for a solid first impression, to make sure your cover design catches your readers’ eyes to the book. Make your desired design a reality by delegating the work to our cover design specialists.

Online Availability and 100% Royalty Rate

Your book will always be visible because of Author’s Empire Agency dependable and many agreements with the greatest and largest online resellers. We are pleased to provide our authors with a 100% royalty rate on net sales!

Print on Demand with Worldwide Distribution

Here is one more practical method in reaching a global audience with your book. Without worrying about your linked book stores running out of copies, you can publish your book whenever a reader requests one thanks to our print on demand with worldwide distribution package.


By using the ISBN (International Standard Book Number and LCCN), you can increase the likelihood that bookstores, libraries, and other major publishers will find your work (Library of Congress Control Number). In addition to giving your book sole credit and access to several libraries, it also enables you to reach the largest audience.

Media Release Campaign

The audience reach of traditional media is still far larger than that of digital media. Reaching out to diverse audiences boosts your ability to boost sales because not everyone loves to be in the spotlight on social media. By disseminating positive news over 3,723 outlets, including newspapers, TV, and radio stations, our media release campaign will do all the talking for your book.

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