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Author’s Empire Agency

The Author’s Empire Agency is committed to serving both upcoming writers and authors with existing careers. The company, which has a location in New York, provides authors with support through teamwork and cooperation. In addition to its group of expert agents, Author’s Empire Agency also has a number of co-agents, which enables the business to be very active in the sale of subsidiary rights.

Felix Cooper

Book Agent

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Work With Literary Agent

Access to publishers who would take you seriously.

Access to the best editor for your work (because it’s an agent’s job to know who’s who in the publishing world)

Someone with a great track record of conducting auctions for books like yours.

Someone who can organize the exact same thing globally. And where your agent doesn’t know the territory themselves, they’ll work with a trusted counter-party who does.

Someone who has trodden the book to film route before and can guide you through that (most treacherous) maze

Someone of real editorial acuity who, most importantly, knows the market for your book and how to optimize your writing for that target audience

Someone whose financial interests are exactly the same as yours (you both want this book to sell)

Is an agent worth it? YES

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